Suou Tsukasa (Tsukasa Suou) Ensemble Stars! Image by Kamome Ansuta

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baby knight.----- Lyrics: Saori Codama (こだまさおり)- Composition: Yuu Nakano (中野ゆう)- Arrangement: Naoy.

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Tsukasa Suou. Knight Rock 2613 Frontline Loyal Dog 2561 Fresh Fragrance 2554 Rookie Skater 2495 Ordinary Friends 2450 Aiming for Future Dreams 2420 Looking for a Cat 2376 New Dimension's Representative 2319.

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忠誠を誓う 聖騎士 ホーリーナイト. 名家の息子で騎士道精神の元に行動しているため、同年代では落ち着きがある。. 責任感があり真面目な性格だが、短気で子供っぽいところもある。. 真っ直ぐ素直な歌声で、パフォーマンスは力強くありながら.

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Zerochan has 560 Suou Tsukasa anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, and many more in its gallery. Suou Tsukasa is also known as Tsukasa Suou. Suou Tsukasa is a character from Ensemble Stars!.

Suou Tsukasa (Tsukasa Suou) Ensemble Stars! Image by Kamome Ansuta

Tsukasa Suou [] Enstars! [] Tsukasa thinks of Mao and the rest of Trickstar as his rivals. Enstars!! [] Yuta Aoi [] Enstars! [] They get along well as senpai and kohai as seen in Setsubun Festival. Enstars!! [] Fellow members of the circle BB. 3rd Year Students [] Adonis Otogari [] Enstars! []

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Suou Tsukasa Additional comment actions I'll never forget that bit in the Chill Yellow scout story where I think there was an audition for a villain role in a drama (?) so they do various things to try and get into character, and Tsukasa's idea of an "evil thing to do" was putting plant pots in the way because it will inconvenience others when.

Suou Tsukasa (Tsukasa Suou) Ensemble Stars! Image by Pixiv Id

Tsukasa Suou VOICE . Kyle Phillips. Reio Tsuchida. Latest News. The Boy and the Heron English Voice Cast Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Full Trailer Curses! Voice Cast and Trailer Gargoyles Live Action Series in Development Rick and Morty New Voices Announced Spider-Man 2 Launch Trailer.

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Leo Tsukinaga/Tsukasa Suou is the relationship between two members of Knights, Leo Tsukinaga and Tsukasa Suou. It's a very prominent ship in Ensemble Stars fandom. Relationship and notable canon moments

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Crown and Faith Tsukasa Suou. Released: February 28, 2019 Introduced in Event: Requiem*Sword of Vow and White Day Points 5 star Dream Festival Skill: Performance Greatly Up Lesson Skill: Greatly increases all cards' Trust. Base stats Da: 3970 Vo: 2500 Pf: 8170.

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朱桜 司 The sacred knight who vows allegiance 忠誠を誓う 聖騎士 ホーリーナイト Current Casual 1 Casual 2 Child 3D CNStars Comic Bkubstars "I will gallop on the battlefield called the world, and achieve countless victories." Profile Profile (!) Actors Debut Age 16- 17 School Yumenosaki Private Academy Class 2-A Circles

Suou Tsukasa (Tsukasa Suou) Ensemble Stars! Image by Kamome Ansuta

Happy 8th anniversary! 🎉Suou Tsukasa (CV Tsuchida Reiou)※ Only includes lines from the album version of group songs (solo song and utaiwake versions not inc.

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Tsukasa has brownish red, mid-length hair with curly tips, v-shaped bangs covering his forehead, and side bangs. He has a fair complexion and lavender eyes. He is average in height and in build. He is dressed in his standard school uniform: a neatly buttoned white shirt and a red tie underneath the buttoned school blazer.

Suou Tsukasa (Tsukasa Suou) Ensemble Stars! Image by Umi Rowa

Tsukasa Suou Tsukasa Suou (朱桜 司) Unit: knights Age: 15 Birthday: April 6 Club: Archery Club Serious and composed, Tsukasa speaks in a manner rather mature for his age. He is a rich young master who may sound polite on the surface, but what he says is actually rude when you stop and think about it (though he doesn't realize it).

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Tsukasa Suou is an INTJ personality type and 1w2 in Enneagram. Read 17 discussions on Tsukasa Suou's personality in Ensemble Stars! (Gaming). 👉

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